SxWebs - Utilities for Sx web applications

SxWebs - Utilities for Sx web applications

This is a collection of utility functions to build Sx web applications in Go.

Use instructions

If you want to import this library into your own Go software, you must execute a go get command. Since Go treats non-standard software and non-standard platforms quite badly, you must use some non-standard commands.

First, you must install the version control system Fossil, which is a superior solution compared to Git, in too many use cases. It is just a single executable, nothing more. Make sure, it is in your search path for commands.

How you can execute the following Go command to retrieve a given version of this library: go get

where HASH is the hash value of the commit you want to use.

Go currently seems not to support software versions when the software is managed by Fossil. This explains the need for the hash value. However, this methods works.